"Tijdloos Eduard" van 9 tot 10, en "My Generation"10 tot 11. EnschedeFM, op zondag 27 Augustus 2017 . _____________________________________________ 1.I close my eyes and count to ten - Dusty Springfield 2.Nothing to change a mind - The Ro-d-ys 3.Sheila - Tommy Roe 4.I like the way - The Cats 5.On broadway - Dave Clark Five 6.Shotgun wedding - Roy C 7. Can't Live With You, Can't Live Without You - The Subtitute 8.Big daddy - Sue Thompson 9.When Jesamine Goes - Marty Wilde 10.TO KNOW YOU IS TO LOVE YOU - PETER and GORDON 11.Mean Mr Mustard - The Beatles 12.Don't forget to remember - The Refreshers 13.Fever - The McCoys 14. Can't help thinking about me - David Bowie & the Lower Third 15. Keep off that friend of mine - The Hollies 16.Nashville cats - The Lovin' Spoonful